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Aspects of interest: Fauna and Flora, Ornithology, Ethnology, Geology, Astronomy, History and Photo-safaris.

Lodge tours: Nights are spent in various comfortable, luxury lodges and breakfast and dinner are included.

Camping safaris: Spend the night in spacious tents, which you help to put up. These tours guarantee lots of fun and also build up camaraderie between everyone.

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Climate and Temperatures : In Namibia and Botswana extreme changes in temperature prevail, due to the desert and swamp areas. During the summer months (December - March) the temperatures can reach upwards of 40º C, while the winter months (June - September) can be as cold as -5º C at night. The rainy season is from December until April, but this does not herald rain on a daily basis.

Heath and fitness: Very few diseases, prevalent in Africa , occur in Namibia and Botswana . That is why there are no health regulations concerning your arrival. We do travel through malaria-prone areas; Prophylaxis are highly recommended, please consult either your medical practitioner or Tropical Institute. Even though our safaris are not strenuous, a normal level of fitness is a plus; if you have any questions concerning this, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Water : Namibia 's tap water is very clean. The water in Windhoek is purified according to the most recent technological processes; while in the urban towns, water stems from boreholes. Namibia is a mineral-rich country and this, as well as salt, influences the taste of the water. All tap water can be imbibed freely and clean water is available on all tours. Let us put your mind at ease should you still have concerns and/or suffer from a sensitive stomach. Most towns do sell bottled water and it is available upon request on all tours. While touring in Botswana , it is recommended that you drink bottled water.


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